Website uptime is critical to one’s prosperity. Whether you're a programmer, a service provider, or a business owner, you have to make sure your site is always up and functioning in different parts of the world. If your website is constantly down or unavailable to customers, it can damage your company's image and make you appear less trustworthy as a brand.

Some of the leading performance checking programs available today feature built in status checking solution. This uptime monitoring tool can offer you a better sense of how frequently the site is truly available to your clients, as well as how frequently they are unable to access it.

Why should you consider site checking? 

In today's digital world, one of several aspects customers seek is a well-performing website. If you can't maintain your own website up and operating as usual, your clients will lose faith in your ability to provide them with the service they need.

Customers desire the freedom to visit your website or use your web application if they so choose. When you utilize a Site checker, you may know right once when and where a page is unavailable. This allows you to take immediate action.

The majority of status checking solutions will provide you with some observations and statistics in addition to data on the status of the site. It will make it easy to figure out which regions of your site are most prone to problems.

You'll never lose the chance to reach a large audience if you can always track the availability of your website or online app. Moreover, SEO audits can help you analyze how perfect your web presence links to best practice.