There are a lot of criteria you can track using web analysis tools. Still, these five are a great place to start. Let’s begin with your general caller figures.

1. Overall business

When we talk about web business, we relate to the number of visits your point gets over a specific period of time. Let’s say you ’re getting about 50 callers per day. That’s a low number if your website has been around for a time. Still, it’s decent if you set up shop a month ago. In other words, not only is it important to keep an eye on your business, but also the way it evolves.

Immaculately, your figures will go up as your website grows older.However, it’s a marker you ’re not doing commodity right, If your business stagnates or diminishes over time. In most cases, it might be due to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) issues, so that’s always a good place to start.

2.. Bounce Rate

When someone visits your point and leaves without viewing an alternate page, we call that a‘ bounce’. The chance of those visits you get measured against your overall business makes up your bounce rate.

This standard is important because it tells you if there are any outstanding usability issues with your website. Some of the most common causes for a high brio rate include

  • Long lading times
  • A cumbrous navigation scheme
  • An unattractive web design

The average brio rate for utmost websites is anywhere between 20 and 70 ( lower is better). Still, as a rule of thumb, if your brio rate is more advanced than 30, you ’ll want to take a close look at the possible causes we mentioned.

Still, brio rate is largely dependent on what content your point provides and what quests are looking for, so it’s not always a bad thing if you ’re above that number.

3. Traffic Source

In utmost cases, first- time callers will find your website via links rather than codifying in your URL. The runners that link to your point are your business sources, and we can generally break them down into four orders

  • Search engines
  • Links from other spots
  • Visits from dispatch campaigns
  • Links from social media

Generally speaking, you want to make up all four sources of business. Still, your primary focus will generally be search engines, because they've the eventuality to bring in massive business. More importantly, if your website ranks checker constantly high in hunt results, it tends to be easier to get links from other spots, because they ’ll consider you an estimable source.

With web analysis tools, you can fluently cover your business sources and acclimate your strategy consequently. For illustration, if you do n’t see important business from search engines, you know you have to revise your keyword strategy.

4. Desktop Vs. mobile visits

It might not come as a surprise to learn that mobile business is now completely espoused by numerous web users. In fact, it caught regular desktop business a while ago, which means it’s essential for your website to offer a strong mobile experience.

With web analytics tools, you can track what chance of druggies are visiting your point through desktop or mobile cybersurfers. It’s a simple enough metric to interpret, and it tells you where to concentrate your sweat.

Indeed if your website is getting further desktop than mobile business, we still recommend that you concentrate on optimizing its mobile experience. Espousing a mobile-first approach to web design will pay off over the long run.

How to start collecting web analytics

This authorized tool is 100 free and gives you access to all the criteria we covered over, plus a whole lot more.

To get started, you can follow our companion on how to set up Google Analytics on WordPress. 

Once you have Google Analytics working on your point, you can read our beginner’s companion to the Google Analytics affiliate to get your comportments. And once you ’ve got the basics down, you might want to look into creating your own custom dashboards to quickly enter important analytics data.


A lot of people run their websites without keeping an eye on their criteria. That might work, but you have so many great analytics tools at your disposal, it’s a waste if you do n’t use them. For illustration, just keeping an eye on your business alone can tell you if your content strategy is paying off (or if you need to try commodity new).