The "Blog Checker/Fifth Eye" instrument comes convenient when you need to check large arrangements of sites (URLs). It allows you to review site pages in a single presentation without irritating duplicate glue cycles and imprint (vote) them Yes or No. 

By utilizing this device, you can survey 100s of sites in under 60 minutes. It can handle any pages, yet seldom some AJAX sites don't stack as expected, else, it has been effectively tried on countless sites. You require a Windows PC to run the apparatus ( site checker ). 

Where can this apparatus be utilized? 

We should imagine, you need to utilize the "Broken third party referencing" procedure one day. In the event that you haven't known about that procedure previously, it's a strategy that includes telling a website admin about broken connections on their webpage and recommending an elective asset on your own site. For more data read this aide – Moz guide. 

One of the prescribed advances is to gather potential targets, pages with broken connections on them. This should be possible with the "Shouting Frog's Search engine optimization Spider″ apparatus. In any case, would you be able to trust the rundown? Not generally, in this manner you'll need to check every URL from the rundown physically. Presently, who needs to duplicate and glue every URL from the Dominate sheet to the program address bar? Not every person. So that is the place where our "Blog Checker/Fifth Eye" device proves to be useful ( Free Website Checker ). 

Download Free Blog Checker Apparatus (.compress record, 15.5 MB) 

Client manual: 

Open/run the "Fifth-Eye.exe" record on the Windows working framework. 

In the "Classifications" tab click the "After you select the points you click this catch" button. On the off chance that all connections to be seen have a place with a solitary classification, overlook and snap away. On the off chance that classifications and subcategories of each connection are of significance, in the "Classifications" tab over the orange catch alter them, prior to squeezing "Start" in the "Settings" tab. 

Press the "Settings" tab. 

Press the "Transfer TXT record with URL" button in the upper left corner and import URLs, one URL for every line (counting HTTP). 

Press the "Save Log File" button, it will record the specific time, classification, and "Yes" or "No", in the event that the connection fits the manual endorsement measure. 

Press the "Start" button.