Does that sound familiar to you? If you want to check your Google ranking, enter a keyword in the search bar and scroll and scroll to search for your website. You may miss your website or never find it. Anyway, it's been on a roll for a long time. There's an easier and better way to do a keyword ranking check.


What is keyword ranking? 

The keyword ranking, where your website ranks in search engines for a keyword, has a huge impact on your web traffic, lead generation, and conversions. It shows that more than half of all search engine users click on a result on the first page, and the higher it is in that SERP, the better it is.

Search engines generally return about ten results per page, and higher keyword rankings mean closer to the top of the page. Lower keyword rankings mean closer to the bottom. This keyword ranking check definition also relates to which page of the SERP a URL appears on, with more relevant results appearing on page 1 and less relevant results on page 2 or beyond.

How to Check Keyword Ranking?

Let's say you want to know where your website ranks in Google for a specific keyword like "Queens University Admissions". 



That's good advice, but Incognito still includes location-based results. And you still have to go on finding the keyword associated to you which becomes a pretty inefficient task.

Instead, a free keyword rank checker tool is highly recommended to determine where you rank for a particular keyword.

Site Analysis is the best keyword checker tool that also offers a complete set of digital marketing solutions. The Site Analysis tool allows you to track your website's keyword ranking to see where it ranks and how its rankings change over time.

Add the keywords you want to track to the tool to get started. You must specify the location and language of the browser in the settings for each keyword.

After you add your keywords, the Site analysis starts collecting position data. The results are uploaded to you in a range of few hours. In the future, the keyword checker tool will update the data daily.

Once the data is entered, you will see charts showing the overall trend of the specified keywords. There will also be a graph showing the daily ranking for each keyword and the position difference from the previous day.

If you click on a keyword, you can see the SERP results for that term and the rank of your competitors.

The most powerful feature of site analysis is the tools for grouping and organizing keywords. Grouping your keywords makes a big difference in improving your ranking for individual keywords.

Benefits of using the Site Analysis tool

When looking for a free keyword ranking checker, you may come across hundreds of websites that offer this feature.



But Site Analysis outshines all other similar tools due to the various benefits it offers users.

Instant results
Flawless results
Multiple keyword-focused features

Final words:

From the keyword checker tool, Site Analysis is our top pick. This free keyword rank checker tool makes your search quick and easy, saving you the time to implement your advanced SEO knowledge to improve your rankings and build on your success.



The site analysis will help you in keyword ranking check most effectively.