SEO audits serve to map all potential SEO errors an organization can be committing, not essentially commenting the answer to any or all of them.

Still, whenever potential, we'll try and indicate the most effective approach of determination the detected issues, besides suggesting alternative materials that contain a a lot of elaborated answer.

That said, we've separated this content into three parts:

Auditing your web site: targeted on finding structural and technical issues that area unit preventing your site from acting better;
Internal content auditing: naturally among your web site, however that specialize in the way to deliver the most effective content in your niche;
External auditing: targeted on finding the issues and opportunities that return from alternative domains.
To make certain you recognize wherever you're standing, before you begin, undergo the 2 steps below.

Check your organic traffic
The best thanks to check your organic traffic is thru Google Analytics. Review your website’s performance in traffic acquisition.

The tool permits you to customise the time-frame you wish to research.

organic traffic on analytics
By clicking on ‘organic’, you'll be able to analyze well your organic acquisition of tourists.

Look for drops or peaks which will function a basis for additional website analysis.

Keep track of the keywords you target
There area unit a number of ways that to try to to this. the foremost sensible ones involve paid tools, like SEMrush.

position pursuit semrush
Through the position huntsman, you'll be able to track your ranking for various keywords, notice opportunities, and spot threats.

Once you recognize and, above all, perceive your current results, you're able to begin your audit.

SEO auditing tools
There area unit some SEO analysis tools that, besides being helpful in a number of the sensible steps that we'll show later, additionally provide their own SEO audit options.

For this post, we've chosen to speak concerning 2 tools that we tend to use here at Rock: SEMrush and Screaming Frog.

SEO Audit with SEMrush
To conduct Associate in Nursing SEO audit with SEMrush, you initially have to be compelled to register your project on the tool:

register your project in semrush
After you register, attend comes, situated on the tool panel, and choose the project you created.

Inside your project, one in every of the analysis choices is web site Audit. Through it, you'll be able to perform many performance analyses, starting from technical aspects to internal linkage.

project in semrush
It is additionally potential to watch computer program rankings, social media performance, backlinks, organic traffic, on-page SEO, among alternative choices.

project in semrush
SEO Audit with Screaming Frog
This free tool (up to five hundred URLs) tracks pages an equivalent approach that Google will and provides you most of the data you would like to with success perform Associate in Nursing SEO audit.

You can ‘navigate’ through your site’s results mistreatment the ‘Overview’ tab on the correct aspect of the screen, wherever you'll see numerous errors found in your pages.

crazy frog
After seeing the numbers (and the ideas that the audit can provide), you'll be ready to explore them additional mistreatment the ‘option’ bar at the highest of the web site.

Audit your web site
Next, we'll pinpoint the most structural issues which will be preventing your web site from recuperating results.

Check them out!

Make sure google indexes just one version of your web site
Yes, one page of your web site could also be indexed in numerous ways that by Google.For us, they create no distinction. even though you click on one in every of them, you'll find yourself on an equivalent page:, this doesn't happen mechanically. As way as Google thinks about, these area unit completely different versions of an equivalent domain.They apply to each page of your web site, and if they're not redirecting to the most version, they'll be nothing however dead weight in your assortment.Make sure google indexes just one version of your web site
Notice however each the “www” and “http” versions of the Rock Content web site currently mechanically perform this redirection.

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