IIS website Analysis report could be a tool at intervals the IIS program improvement Toolkit that may be wont to analyze internet sites with the aim of optimizing the site's content, structure, and URLs for program crawlers. additionally, you'll use the tool to find and fix common issues in website content that negatively have an effect on the location user expertise. The IIS {site|website|web {site|website|web website}} Analysis tool includes an online crawler that crawls all publically accessible site links and resources and downloads the content that may be used for site analysis.

Crawling an online website
The first step in analyzing an online website is to crawl all the resources and URLs that ar publically exposed by the location. this is often what the IIS {site|website|web website} Analysis tool will once a replacement site analysis is made. to own the IIS {site|website|web website} Analysis tool crawl an online site checker and collect knowledge for analysis, follow these steps:

Select the server node within the Connections pane. The SEO main page can open mechanically.
Click on the "Create a replacement analysis" task link at intervals the location Analysis section.
In the New Analysis panel, enter a reputation that may unambiguously determine the analysis report. Also, enter the URL wherever the crawler ought to begin.
Note that as a result of the server node elect|is chosen} within the Connections pane (we haven't selected a selected internet site on the server), it's potential to crawl any internet site that's publically accessible on the web. confer with the "Web Crawler Settings " section for a lot of details concerning the "New Analysis" panel.

Once all the parameters are such, click alright to begin the analysis:

The two numbers reported throughout analysis are:

Links Processed - this is often the full variety of links that are crawled and downloaded by the online crawler.
Total Links - this is often the full variety of links found whereas creep the online website.

that the online website analysis crawler continually runs on a shopper pc. If you connect with a foreign IIS server and begin a replacement analysis, the online crawler are hosted at intervals the IIS Manager method (InetMgr.exe) on the native pc that's connected to the remote IIS server. All the collected knowledge and cached web page ar unbroken on the native shopper filing system.

After the online website has been crawled and analyzed, the location Analysis Report outline read are shown. confer with the "Using the location Analysis Reports" article for a lot of details on the way to analyze the location for SEO and content specific issues.

Web Crawler Settings
Other parameters that may be such once beginning a replacement analysis are:

Maximum variety of Links - this setting controls what percentage distinctive links are processed and downloaded from an online website throughout a crawl. A link is any URL that's used at intervals a page's markup, together with hyperlinks, references to image files, css files, and javascript files. Increasing this variety can increase the dimensions of the reports file and can create the creep method run longer.
Maximum transfer Size per Link - this setting controls what percentage kilobytes of content are downloaded per link. Increasing this variety can increase the dimensions of the cached content keep by website Analysis on the native filing system.

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