Before we have a tendency to dive deep into auditing your web site, let's initial take a glance at what associate SEO audit truly is and why it's therefore vital.

To put it merely, associate SEO audit is that the method of distinguishing problems that might forestall your web site from ranking on Google and different search engines.

If there area unit problems that mean that your web site can't be properly crawled and indexed, your content does not get on my feet against your competitors, otherwise you have virulent links (just a number of common problems that associate audit might highlight), you may be missing out on organic traffic.

Sales and Competition
When you area unit missing out on traffic, that conjointly suggests that you're missing out on sales. it'll be your competitors World Health Organization get pleasure from this traffic and these conversions.

If there's any incentive to encourage you to travel and audit your web site, it's knowing that you simplyr competitors may well be taking traffic and conversions that you might preferably be reaping the advantages of.

If you're not auditing your web site on a daily basis, it's simple to miss opportunities for growth, accidental problems that arose within the latest development roll-out, or just stuff you might have done higher.(site analysisi tool)

Some of the foremost common reasons why you wish to audit your web site include:
You just landed a brand new SEO shopper and area unit developing a growth strategy.
You started a brand new job and, just like the on top of, area unit developing a method.
You bought an internet site and wish to work out your next steps.
You full-fledged a come by organic traffic and wish to get why.
Part of your current SEO strategy includes regular audits to permit you to search out and fix problems quickly (we advocate quarterly).
The SEO Audit Tools you wish
We area unit all regarding keeping things easy. You fully do not want an oversized range of SEO tools to with success perform associate SEO audit.

Throughout the audit method, we'll be victimisation simply four core tools:

SEMrush web site Audit Tool
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google PageSpeed Insights
Powered by web site Audit

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