Why do you need an SEO Analyzer? 

The main task is to dissect the DOM tree to describe SEO issues. Many may ask, “ What’s wrong with the Lighthouse?” SEO Analyzer is a featherlight plugin aimed at a specific task to keep your design valid and friendly to hunt machine dawdlers by detecting excrescences on your website runners.Still, you can not do without this tool, If it’s important for you to get to the top on Google or any other search engine.. 


  •  Easy setup; 
  •  Launching Analyzer for SPA operations; 
  •  Launching Analyzer for SSG and SSR operations; 
  •  Running Analyzer in Github, Gitlab,pre-push, or anywhere differently; 
  • .9 ready- made and most popular rules; 
  •  Adding your own rules; 
  •  Several options for outputting the result. 
  •  Installing the package 

What can you do with an SEO analyzer? 

Then are many amazing effects you can do with this tool from the SEO expert himself Gives you a detailed website analysis report where you can find all the issues, crimes and warnings that your website is presently floundering with Runner position SEO score is given to you along with the runner speed score with recommendations to ameliorate both of them Social media perceptivity are handed to help you hone your content marketing strategies and get better results from it Marketing roster can be handed so you can concentrate on what’s important and get results from hunt machines like Google Competitor analysis can also be done to know better about yourself where your website stands in front of your contender websites 

How much does an SEO analyzer cost? 

It’s c free to use and if you want further features, you can go with their decoration plans which are listed below. 

  • Individual plan costs you$ 120 ( continuance access) 
  • Business plan costs you$ 200 ( continuance access) 
  • Agency plan costs you$ 400 ( continuance access) 

 1.Page rank checker

PageRank and PageRank Checker at Digital SalesPageRank (PR) was one of the first styles of ranking a website used by Google, in fact it was named after one of Google's launching members, Larry Page. PageRank originally worked on the premise that if a website had links back to it, also it must be applicable. Google effectively saw it as web druggies saying' have a look at this website or this particular url, you will find the information applicable to you'. And so, a link was a countersign and for Google robots it was not hard to overlook the web and find out what links were going where. Still, over time Google added other variables to their algorithms, which is roughly 200, Google and other hunt machines are always evolving. Ergo, PageRank isn't as important as it formerly was, but shouldn't be ignored. It can help your hunt machine ranking if managed duly, and if abused and Bat Hat Ways are employed, your website can getpenalised.You can check your current website PR using your PR Checker below and we've documented some PR Tips below, please feel free to add any commentary. 

PageRank Tips

Always aim for advanced PageRank links (websites with PR 7 to PR10) Try and get backlinks from websites within your sectorThe link should be in environment, it's better if the link is in a runner of applicable content rather than on a runner that's just a list of linksWhen you upload a blog post, partake it on social media, links on social media are ranking signalsYou should aim to have at least 200 links back to your websiteInternal links within your point are also important, link between blog posts 

How to get High Quality Backlinks & Best Practice?

Professional design, good layout and more importantly good content will increase the number of inbound links and drop your brio rateCreate content that people will want to partake and link toUse breadcrumbs and the affiliated posts plugin to increase the number of links within the siteA good WordPress plugin for breadcrumbs in Yoast BreadcrumbsShare your blog post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Advertisement as a guest on other high quality blogs is explosively encouraged and including a link to your blog at the end of your post will help your SEOLink Requests should be both made and considered precisely, you don't want to overwhelm your own blog with spam or poor quality contentCheck the inbound links for the spots that are ranking above you for that keyword and try to get links from the spots that are linking to themPlease add any commentary below and contribute to the discussion, in the meantime, if you're ignorant of your website PageRank, Check your PR below. 

2.Website speed checker

Stylish Website Speed Checker Coming with Rich Features When the guests arrive at your online ecommerce store, they've to stay for it to get loaded. The cargo time of runner is the time between that moment when the stoner sends a request of a new runner and the time when the runner completely appears in front of you in the browser.However, also you'll have to work on its lading speed, If you enjoy an ecommerce store and you want to enhance its performance. The runner lading time must be reduced as this will increase conversion rates of yourstore.Besides using the tips to speed up your point we offered ahead, you're suitable to optimize your point by using the stylish website speed checkers which are point packed and veritably important salutary for your website. 

3.Check backlinks 

Why are backlinks important? 

When the website’s callers click on your backlinks, they will be transferred to your website. This is known as referral business.More importantly, backlinks are a crucial factor in SEO ( hunt machine optimization) which helps your content appear at the top of online hunt results. When a website adds a backlink to your website, this tells hunt machines that you have created precious, applicable content that others trust. Search Machines review both the volume and quality of your backlinks to determine the position of your website’s content in the SERPs ( search machine results runners). The advanced you rank in these results runners, the further organic business you ’ll get. So, to rank largely in hunt machine results runners and draw organic business to your website, you need to keep an eye on both the volume and quality of your backlinks.

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